What online certificate programs

Do you think it’s worth paying for an online certificate program?

The MOOC are a good way to deepen our knowledge, but now also serve to certify such knowledge, opting for the paid version. Do you see useful to expand the curriculum beyond satisfaction to continue learning?

These online certificate programs are mostly excellent. You can get a paid or free certificate or simply take the course to expand our knowledge. Whatever the case we always teach you new things and demonstrates vocation in the study area.
It is very likely that many adult heads (old) does not attach greater weight, but I would take them into account, because as I said demonstrates the vocation and interest in the area. Especially in the case of information technology, knowledge area is updated quickly and which is very difficult in the homes of traditional study curricula taught courses on new topics in the area are updated. To give an example, there are universities that computer even dictate subjects of mobile application development, new rules and changes in Web development, among others.
In my opinion, it is taken into account or not, these courses help quite lovers study and obtaining new knowledge.

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