Is the iTunes Download Free for Windows?

iTunes Download

People who don’t use iTunes sometimes have misunderstandings about exactly what it is. They’ve heard about the iTunes music store and know that people buy mp3 files to listen to music on their iPod, iPhone or other Apple device. Windows users in particular often think they either can’t get iTunes at all or they’ll at least have to pay for it. But neither of those beliefs are true: you can get an iTunes download FREE for almost all types of Windows PCs.

How to get your iTunes download free

There are tons of websites that will give you access to the iTunes download for free, but if you feel more comfortable sticking to the original source, you can also download it for free directly from Apple. All versions of iTunes download are free – it’s just the stuff in the store that costs money, like music and videos, but you can add your own music at no charge.

Just find the right version of iTunes download for your computer, and download for free!

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